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Our team is trained to deal with any issues about the hours of service, considering the split shifts and schedule your loads to be ran legally.
Our dispatchers are keeping the brokers/customers informed about the current situation and getting compensation for your extra waiting time.
We are trying to avoid big cities, also having a list of possible truckstops were you can park over the night and not only.
Our team will confirm each pick and delivery appointment, pick-up numbers before sending the information about the load.
Always and always reach the targets per gross and rate per mile.
Our team provides all inclusive dispatch services for our Partners, which means: brokers history research to be assured that you will get paid for your service, load booking, broker set up, post book assistance, market analysis for the best routes value, Rate Confirmation/BOL/POD check.
When you’re setting up your business with Avanes Dispatch Inc, you don’t have to worry about the factoring partner as we do the job for you.
Our licensed team will help to achieve all the permits you need and increase your coverage radius
Our team provides a 24/7 dispatch service, we’re always available to help in case of an issue.
Our Partner is decision maker for any load we book. It’s up to you what we roll with.
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Truck Dispatch
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